How to start a Successful Catering Vans?

Catering vans are never out of fashion, but they require some creativity to keep them trendy and stylish, and, above all, profitable. Most importantly what kinds of cuisines can be best cooked and served in a catering van? And which dishes are the most popular each day? Here is everything you should know about starting a successful catering van.

Food liked by People

Catering Vans come in all shapes and sizes and serve hundreds of varieties of food choices.  From the staple burgers, hotdogs, and fries; to the exotic and international such as tacos, curries and noodles, the choices are literally endless.  And it is not just meal types that can be served from your Catering Van, you could be a specialty Barista serving the best Colombian Roasts, to an Italian Gelato Connoisseur, serving the most amazing Sundaes.  Whether you are working at the local green space or serving the revelers going home after a great night out, you’ll be able to find a food or drink option that your passing customer will want to purchase.

If, however, you are still struggling to decide what tasty food you are going to serve, here are three top choices to help you on your way to creating your Mobile Catering Van business. 

No. 1 Choice – The Pizza

At the top of the list is the most popular catering option pizza. With just a few pieces of equipment needed to prepare or cook delicious pizzas the cost of setting up can be kept to a minimum and your menu will be crafted from the same base, allowing you the freedom to choose great toppings and delicious flavor combinations. It’s important to remember you can have everything cooked in advance, so there’s hardly any waste and a lot of profit.

Thus, go for the popular food choices but with a twist of your own!

Anyone Fancy Dessert?

The second option is a dessert truck. They are gaining popularity, and a well-designed van offering a selection of tasty desserts can become highly sought-after and profitable within a short time. Vans such as these must concentrate on style and display to be able to stand out as a top choice for customers once their tummies are full.

Great colors, amazing serving style, and bursting flavors are what will help your deserts stand out from the rest!

Breakfast Vans

Breakfast vans are an excellent alternative if you’re careful regarding your location. Set yourself up in a well-known area for travel or a market, or even in a corner of the market close to the tents during festivals and you’ll be able to find an abundance of customers seeking a balanced meal for the day.

Customers want alternatives to the traditional meat-based breakfasts. So, ensure you have other options to cater for the vegetarian and vegan markets. With the right breakfast menu available, the ‘All Day Breakfast’ is easily created.  From luxury toast and toppings to specialty breakfast sandwiches.  You’ll be able serve breakfast all day long. People who spend money for breakfast are looking for something different. So be ready to mix up innovative or luxurious alternatives with the more lucrative items and offer your customers the option to choose according to the price point.

Catering Permits and Insurances

In addition to ensuring that your food is tasty and packaged properly, smells fantastic, and is served with a smile, there are some legal requirements you need to satisfy too.

Catering Van Insurance is a legal requirement to be able to drive your vehicle on the public highway.  Ensure you speak to a mobile catering van expert who will provide you with a catering van insurance policy what will meet your catering business needs.

Also, before trading permits are issued, local authorities and festival organizers will have specific requirements to ensure you can protect the public and your employees from unforeseen accidents and incidents, again speak to the experts about catering liability insurance.  

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