How to Know if Your Vape Pen is Safe?


Vaping has gained popularity and is universally accepted because vape pens are easy to use. Secondly, the vape pens are small and discreet compared to other forms of consumption. Since vaping technology is still new, the practice’s health effects are still not clear.

Vape pens contain two main parts; the vape cartridge and battery. The battery is found on the vape pen’s bottom side and is used for heating. Vape pens are designed specifically for distillates and oils, and this is what the battery heats indirectly.

The cartridge determines how safe your vape pen is. It contains a chamber, mouthpiece, and atomizer (heating element). The chamber is usually filled with your vaping oil or distillate. On the other hand, the atomizer is activated once contact is made with the battery to heat the concentrate. 

The cartridges play a great role in the safety of your vaping experience. To best understand how to know if your vape pen is safe, we will focus on the cartridge.

Look for any Contaminants in the Cartridge.

For vaping, the greatest challenge is on how to know. Pesticides and herbicides are the most prevalent contaminants that come with e-liquids. Hemp should be allowed to grow naturally without applying pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers.

If you vape e-liquids extracted from such plants, sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, you will have health problems. It is not possible to physically check if the e-liquid was extracted from cannabis plants sprayed with pesticides. How do you get to check for that?

The only way to know all about this is through lab testing. Since you cannot concentrate on the lab, purchase cartridges from reputable companies like Dr. Dabber and the rest. Reputable companies produce third-party lab testing results for every product. From the results, you will determine the safety of that cartridge.

Check for Counterfeit Cartridges

Counterfeit goods have sneaked their way into the market with the steady flow of cannabis products. If you are not careful, you will surely be conned. THC is a restricted compound, and most of the goods that sneak into the market contain high levels of this compound.

Reputable brands like Dr. Dabber, Kingpen, CBDfx, and the rest are working hard to get counterfeit products out of the market. The best way to kick them out is through giving new and already existing customers legit information concerning these products.

Most of these counterfeit cartridges come branded and packaged like cartridges from reputable companies. They even go-ahead to use the logos of these producers. It is difficult for a newbie or an average consumer to determine the original cartridge.

There is a time we could only rely on lab testing to qualify a company. Things have changed since then, and counterfeit goods undergo the same “tests” and come out clean. I mean that the world is evolving and as there are fake labs used to give wrong results.

So it is very difficult to describe what an original cartridge looks like. Fortunately, we know how to get a good cartridge. The first step to buying an original product from your trusted company is visiting their official website. Most big cartridge companies have their sales online, and you can order from here.

We mentioned some reputable companies like Dr. Dabber early on. But how does a company qualify to be among reputable companies? Look at the professional and positive reviews from previous customers.

Check All the Parts of Your Vape Pen

A standard vape pen is made up of different parts. The safety of your vape pen depends on how safe each part is. If one of the parts is at fault, then the entire vaping process has been compromised.

The mouthpiece is the first part that you should check. For the sake of your health, it should be made from stainless steel to avoid consuming metallic elements from the device. Remember this where you put your mouth over to inhale the vapor from a wax vaporizer. It should be in super good condition.

Another part to look at is the battery. This is the power source for the device. For this part, check whether the battery is at fault for transmitting power. If it is transmitting power than required, that is more dangerous than when it supplies less power.

We have already covered the cartridge extensively since it is the main component. The final part to look at is the sensor and the power button combined. Check if the button is functional and learn how it works. Some require you to press and hold while others are automatic. Just confirm that the two are working as they are supposed to work.

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