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Many people strongly believe that there should not be one day to show gratitude to our mother(s) but on the other hand, dedicating an entire day to them is the least we could do for our mothers. This article enlists a few ideas as Mother Day surprise gifts to mark another milestone for all the mothers in the world.

A Photo Frame

When it comes to the family, our mothers never put anything before it. Therefore, giving her a framed family portrait is a great idea as not only will it make her happy, but will also make her feel that her children value her as much as she does.

Get your mother’s favorite family portrait and get it framed. Surprise her with it on Mother’s Day by putting it up in her bedroom or the living room of your house.

A Small Celebration

Another great way to surprise your mother is to have a small celebration on this day in her honor. As they say, actions speak louder than words. They do. As we grow older, we get busy in our lives and get to spend less time with the family. Plan it with your siblings, so that everyone plays their part for this one day and gathers around to spend the entire day with mom.

You all can watch a family movie together or go out for dinner followed. To double the celebration, you can add a cake to your list. Several bakeries in town bake scrumptious Mother’s Day cakes in every flavor so buy her favorite one and add more delight to this day.

A Swimming Pool Subscription

Since Mother’s Day arrives on the second Sunday of May, the weather gets hot at this time of the year. Getting your mom, a swimming pool subscription as a Mother’s Day gift if she likes to swim could be as great as it sounds because of so many reasons.

First, she will have an activity to do in her free time. Second, she will get a reason to beat the summer heat in a cool swimming pool. Swimming is also good for health and a proven method of releasing stress.


Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift for women as they value it a lot. There is a variety of customizable jewelry in the market ranging from bracelets to necklaces. You can either gift her a “mom” bracelet or simply get her a delicate piece of jewelry. Many women have sentiments attached to some of their jewelry and they get really upset if it is lost, tarnished, or broken.

So, here’s another great idea for a surprise gift. If you remember your mom having any such jewelry, it would be a great gift to get it polished or fixed if it is tarnished or broken. You can find a store near you that can provide you customized jewelry or find one online.

Reasons Why I Love You Jar

Talking about personalized Mother’s Day gifts, this one might be your best shot too. It is a cute and different approach to surprise your mother and makes her happy at the same time. Cut out several chits from different colored papers and write down one reason why you love your mom on each chit.

Cutely fold these chits and put them in a transparent jar. Make sure to be there when your mom is opening each chit and reading all the reasons, or you will miss the priceless reaction on her face!

A Flower Bouquet and a Card

Flowers have always been an exquisite way of showing your feelings. Whether you want to express love, show gratitude, send condolences or apologize, flowers are your best buddy.

Some florists introduce a collection of Mother’s Day flowers online on this very day, get a fresh and pretty bunch of flowers for her and give them to her with a Happy Mother’s Day card. Even though flowers eventually wither, she can keep the card with her forever as a memory of this day.

Home Decoration Items

If your mom is also obsessed with home decor, you can buy her plenty of things like an aesthetic decoration piece for example a vase or an artistic wall hanging. Anything beautiful to add a feather to the cap would work!

Take Her to the Salon

Mothers are too busy looking after us that they often neglect themselves in the process. Do you remember the last time your mother took a day off from her responsibilities just to have some “me time”?

Giving her a day off and taking her to the salon could be the best thing you can do for her this Mother’s Day. She could have a new haircut, new hair color, facial, manicure/pedicure, and even a massage. This would make her Mother’s Day different and special.

Final Word!

The way our mothers shower their love on us, even if we don’t go out of our way to give her something special, she’ll still be happy with a simple Happy Mother’s Day which is why they deserve all the happiness in the world. So, these were a few ideas we had about Mother’s Day gifts. Hope you found what you were looking for?

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